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$10 a day against your $8,000 credit card debt (at an interest rate of 16%) you'll be debt-free in 33 months

Create a budget for your monthly expenses and only purchase what you can pay off at the end of the month.

Secure your financial future: have an emergency fund.- Jean Chatzky

Look into how to purchase a foreclosed home. This could be an excellent opportunity for buying a home at a lower cost.

Moneywise 20s: enroll in your company 401(K) plan.

Common mistake: getting scared and selling.- Hilary Kramer

Secure your financial future: rebalance your portfolio.-Jean Chatzky

Passion – loving what you do/doing what you love – creates wealth. -Jean Chatzky

The bigger your auto insurance policy deductible, the lower your monthly payments may be.

Do not spend what you cannot pay back on a credit card. The interest will be outrageous and you will end up paying more than the item you purchased.

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