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Look for credit cards that offer reimbursements or rewards in different purchase categories. Also look for credit cards that will offer you the most benefits to match your lifestyle.

Warren Buffett's letter to shareholders 2008

Having a hard time understanding financial jargon? Lynn Jimenez has your guide.

Moneywise 40s: save for retirement BEFORE the kids’ college tuition.

Revolving debt should be no more than 10% of your credit card limit.

Moneywise 50s: move more of your assets into bonds.

To find out if your home loan is owned by Freddie Mac

The new Income Based Repayment plan allows debtors to cut their payments on their federal student loans to less than 15 percent of their incomes.

$10 a day against your $8,000 credit card debt (at an interest rate of 16%) you'll be debt-free in 33 months

Passion – loving what you do/doing what you love – creates wealth. -Jean Chatzky

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