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Buying a home requires purchasing insurance. It is less costly to look for and purchase your own insurance than to purchase what is offered at the end of the home purchase negotiations.

Find out if your home loan is owned by Fannie Mae

Moneywise 20s: enroll in your company 401(K) plan.

When you refinance your home, you can use the money to pay off other bills.

Passion – loving what you do/doing what you love – creates wealth. -Jean Chatzky

Secure your financial future: pay down debt.- Jean Chatzky

Do not spend what you cannot pay back on a credit card. The interest will be outrageous and you will end up paying more than the item you purchased.

When deciding to purchase a home, consider buying a resale home or a new home.

If you are looking into purchasing a home, make a list of the homes you will visit. After visiting each property on your list, compare price and quality before making a decision.

The bigger your auto insurance policy deductible, the lower your monthly payments may be.

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